Alpen Heat Adult Heated Liner Glove Black Men Bags X79Q9KCJP

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Alpen Heat Adult Heated Liner Glove

Alpenheat gloves will keep your hands warm and prevent frozen fingers in cold weather. They are suitable for outdoor activities in the Frostigem climate. Heated Gloves are perfect for hiking, skiing, Nordic walking, hunting and every job where your hands exposed to the cold are locked up safe and sound. The heating element in the gloves is designed to the the upper hand area as well as the top of the fingers is warmed and the warmth for up emitted to the tip of the fingers. They have a Thinsulate lining for extra warmth and elasticated cuffs to prevent heat loss. The design in several coats makes the gloves soft, flexible, and durable and comfortable to wear. The battery is available in dedicated pockets Integrated into the gloves. The heat can be replaced with outdoor mounted push button Comfortable. Wind and Waßerdicht Flexible Heizdrähte along the fingers liner glove - Extremely thin material: 4 Heat Settings heating time 2 - 6 hours in box contents includes everything you need is also battery etc.

Alpen Heat Adult Heated Liner Glove Black Men Bags X79Q9KCJP

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